The movie I am working on now, Crime Solved In Time, takes place in the 80’s and 90’s China. At the time no one really went to the gym so I was asked to “look less bulky”. I really wasn’t that big to begin with,175lbs, but I like changing my body for roles and was game for the challenge. So instead of my regular functional strength, martial arts, and yoga routine, I switched to a HIIT format and was able to lose about 10lbs in just a few weeks. I have not been training for strength, focusing on fat burn and trimming down what little muscle bulk I had. Now, I have never been able to bench press two plates (2x45lbs) per side. The closest was a 45+35. It was a massive barrier that I know was totally psychological. Even at my biggest ,180lbs with youth on my side, I couldn’t do it. I stopped heavy training years ago to protect my joints so I gave up on the idea of ever getting two plates. However, recently I have been watching a bunch of @davidgoggins videos and learning about mind body toughness. So last night I decided see what my one rep max was after my usual HIIT workout. I put on the biggest plates they had in this hotel gym which was a 25kg and a 20kg and pressed. I got four reps in one set then one more on the next. I then sat down to convert the weight into pounds and realized that 45kg is 99lbs which was 9lbs more per side than two plates. I had broken my own record and then some without knowing it and not specifically training for it! Not knowing how much I was lifting got me past an almost 20 year psychological barrier! Even at 44 years old I had more in the tank but couldn’t tap into it but that @davidgoggins motivation got me there. It’s nice to know even though I am past my physical peak, I still have room to grow. 💪

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