#CarsOfTheBadlands ok so by now you must know I am a car guy. Can’t end the #finalseason of #intothebadlands without talking about the cars. We don’t talk about when the apocalypse happened in the show but we give hints. If you look at the cars you can probably guess. The idea was no cars beyond the 80’a could exist because newer cars are run by electronics so you wouldn’t be able to fix/up cycle a car if you could fix the computer chips. So the only cars we could use in the show had to be mostly analog. The show is shot in Ireland and they drive on the other side of the road over there so it was quite challenging finding vintage American cars that we could trash/modify cheaply. This Chrysler 5th Avenue was in the background of the abandoned clothing warehouse. You probably didn’t notice. I am sure you all noticed Moon’s Mercury Cougar but this 5th Avenue always baffles me. Who the hell would import this thing all the way to Ireland? It’s not a coveted car like a Cadillac or even cool like Moon’s Mercury. Anyway it was left hand drive and of the right age so I am glad it was in Ireland for us to use. Notice any other cool cars from the show?

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