Back in 2000 I did a movie called Born Wild where I needed to learn how to box for. The production team hired @jay_lau_hong_kong_boxing to teach me how to box. I was his first private student so there was no gym. We trained on the roof of my apartment 2 hours a day in the middle of summer. Thinking back on that it was kind of crazy how we did that in the blistering heat. After the film was done, I kept training with Jay and when he opened @defboxinggym I was one of the first students to join. 20 years later Jay has gone on to build not only @defboxinggym but also @defmuaythai and @def_promotions introducing Hong Kong to professional boxing and making our first Asia wide champ. Whenever I am in Hong Kong I make sure to get in some training. Working out with Jay today was just like 20 years ago except now he has a gym with air conditioning. Thanks Jay for teaching me the sweet science!

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