Ok I am gaining to let you in on a secret obsession of mine. The Dark Crystal was my favorite movie as a kid and is still in my top ten. I must have seen it more than 100. So I was more than excited to find out they were doing a new one and not just a remake but a prequel and not just a one off movie but a 10 episode series!! Which means more Gelflings, more back story and a set up for the original film. At first I thought they would just do it with computer animation but to my surprise it was done with puppets just like the original with some minor computer graphic enhancement. I am only 3 episodes in but so far it is GREAT! I went in with a very critical eye but was pleasantly surprised. And the best part of it is my daughter is into it too so we finally have something to bond over. Anybody else out there a Dark Crystal fan? What did you think of the new series? #thedarkcrystal #thedarkcrystalageofresistance @netflix

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