As you might have guessed I like cars. I like looking at them, working on them but most importantly I like driving them. I’ve been wanting to test drive the #LamborghiniUrus ever since it came out and #lamborghini was kind enough to loan me one in this sparkly blue astraeus while I was in Los Angeles this week. To cut to the chase, this 650hp twin turbo V8 beast that gets to 60mph in 3.2 seconds is just plain stupid. SUV’s were not meant to be this fast, handle this well and be able to stop on a dime. My wife has a “sporty” SUV and I avoid driving it. It has power, but it is a heavy massive thing that lurches it’s weight around corners and forces you to brake way too early. They are not fun to drive and in fact most attempts at making an SUV “drive like a car” don’t ever work because when you have something big, heavy and tall it is, by the nature of physics, going to drive like shit. Labeled as a “Super SUV” the Urus however, does some crazy Italian/German magic that mitigates and in a lot of cases makes you forget about the burdens of driving an SUV entirely. And with an exhaust note that sounds like dragons having very dirty sex, you are often fooled into thinking that this is actually a super car. What this thing actually is is a logical mans Lambo. I know that sounds like an oxymoron because no Lambo owner is considered logical, but with the elevated ride height, I was able to power down pot hole and speed bump infested LA streets in the rain without worrying about tearing off a front lip or bottoming out the undercarriage. Getting in and out was easy and the suspension did not want to fracture my spine. I was able to “see over” and anticipate traffic and when I found an opening I was able to unleash hell with a big grin on my face. If my kid ends up playing soccer and I am forced to buy an SUV(and have an extra 200k lying around) this is the one to get.

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