Ok first of all this just happened! Best of Show! This one means a lot to me because I grew up going to the @sfautoshow with my Dad as a kid and then with my friends when I was in high school. My love for cars was stoked here so to win this prize is simply amazing! Thanks to @sfautosalon for inviting me and giving #TheChinpira this honor! 🙏🙏On another note, swipe left. A friend of a friend spotted this sometime during the show. Not cool. Here’s a little advice if you have never been to a car show: When a car is roped off, you do not go under the ropes and you certainly DO NOT TOUCH THE CAR!!!! Much less get inside and “try it out”. I understand you may have been confused because you are allowed to climb all over manufacturers booth cars but you should not touch custom cars even if there is no rope. I may be to blame for this because I initiated a selfie competition and I just assumed people knew these things but obviously not. The people that own these custom cars do not treat them like regular cars. To them, they are their babies. Spending countless hours and dollars building and maintaining them, they may actually love their cars more than than their own children. It’s crazy but when has love ever been sane? So that being said, would you want a strangers hands all over your child? That would be weird right? #ifyoudontknownowyouknow #hondas800coupe #bestofshow #bestinshow2019 #hondas800 #hondas800coupe #sfautosalon #sfautoshow #donottouch

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