Cars of China post #2. Here is another one our set cars, the Volkswagen Santana. This car was ubiquitous throughout China up until the mid 2000’s as Audi/Volkswagen was one of the first foreign cars companies allowed to enter China and produce cars domestically as a joint venture with the state-owned Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. The Santana was literally everywhere used as taxis, police cars as well as for personal use. While sedans can still be found everywhere, the wagon is pretty rare. I am imagining this with wide body flares and a VR6 supercharged engine swap. I might even keep this paint scheme as it kind of looks like the Initial D AE86. And with this Santana, you won’t have to sit through achingly long 10 minute guitar solos. #carsofchina #ChineseVolkswagen #santana

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