Ok let’s take a break from Badlands depression. This year my resolution was to try to have more great days. Yesterday was the best day of 2019 for me so far. It started off with an hour drive in a Ferrari F40 owned none other than my bro @ferraricollector_davidlee . He was gracious enough to let me drive this iconic car. I used to have a poster of this thing on my wall as a kid and I never dreamed I would have an opportunity to drive one. It was a surreal and special experience. We drove to the @pecla in Carson, Ca where we did another 6 hours of driving under close supervision of their expert driving coaches. I first drove a manual 911 CarreraS to start then spent the rest of the day in a #gt3touring just like mine. My coach @clint_boisdeau_motorsports was amazing, not only did he show me the ins and outs of the car but I also came out of the session a much better driver than when I came in. I feel confident going into my next track day. I am definitely coming back! We then drove an hour back in traffic(which is very challenging in a 30 year old super car) where we capped off the day with a nice dinner with @drivecoffee and his Porsche 959. It was even more surreal to see two of that era’s most iconic vehicles sitting right next to each other. So in just 24 hours, I checked off a lifetime busker list item and well as learned and grew as a driver. I am going deep with my car enthusiasm now but it makes me happy. Thanks to everyone involved in making yesterday my best day of 2019 and I didn’t even have to use my AK! #todaywasagoodday

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